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Dies, Modules & Pouches
      We manufacture mold bases & accessories, die-sets & accessories, ejectors pins, punches etc. we also offer spare parts For mold bases & die sets. Such as guide pillars, bushes, return pins and ejector pins etc. In addition, we different types of modules, diesĀ  and punches as per the customers requirements.
  • Mould Bases
  • Die Sets
  • Ball Cages
  • Elector pins
  • Dowel pins
  • Round Punches
  • Mould Bases Accessories
  • Die sets Accessories
Precision Tooling And Components
      We offer tooling services and precision components according to the customer requirements.
      We are specialized in turning various kind of gear wheels to any given specification, in form of spur, helical, bevel, sprocket, ratchet and worm out of Mild Steel, High Carbon Steel, Chrome Steel, ASSAB steel, Stain less steel, Brass, Aluminum, Nylon, Tefflon, Zelamaid etc.